Basic Principles

The study group focuses on five process oriented goals:

The diversity goal is to implement a study design that reflects and respects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of people with a migration background in Germany. Therefore, Modules 1 and 2 focus on one migration group (people with Turkish migration background), while Modules 3 and 4 will take the needs of different migration groups into account. To reflect cultural bias, and to avoid attributing problems to migration per se when they in fact result from the specific interaction of Turkish migrants and the German health care system that wrongly attributes problems associated with the phenomena of migration, we will also explore experiences with and attitudes towards the mental health care system among migrants within Turkey.

Additionally, the proposed study will have an international and interdisciplinary study group, an interdisciplinary advisory board and a multi-professional stakeholder group to discuss and evaluate the research process and its findings (interdisciplinary goal).

The cross-cultural bias sensitivity goal is to discover discriminatory attitudes and prejudices if they occur in the clinical setting and to reduce false assumptions or conclusions due to the researchers' own ethno-cultural biases.

We will prepare and publish the findings and results to promote further research and practical use with the goal of improving in- and outpatient mental health care for migrants (sustainable goal).

The methodological goal of the study group is to integrate different methodological approaches in order to gain knowledge from diverse angles and to reduce the number of systematic errors.

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