Cross-Cultural Competence Questionnaire of Healthcare Professionals (CCCHP) / Fragebogen zur interkulturellen Kompetenz bei MitarbeiterInnen im Gesundheitswesen (IKG-27)

Cultural competence of healthcare professionals is recognized as a strategy to reduce cultural disparities in healthcare. However, standardised, valid and reliable instruments to assess healthcare professionals’ cultural competence are notably lacking. The present questionnaire study represents an initial effort to I) identify the core components of cultural competence from a healthcare perspective, II) to develop a self-report instrument to assess cultural competence of healthcare professionals and III) to evaluate the psychometric properties of the new instrument.

The development and psychometric evaluation of the cultural competence instrument for the healthcare profession (in German: "Fragebogen zur interkulturellen Kompetenz bei Mitarbeiter/innen im Gesundheitswesen (IKG-27)"; in English: "Cross-Cultural Competence of Healthcare Professionals (CCCHP)") proceeded in two phases with ten steps in total. A convenience sample of 336 psychologists in advanced psychotherapeutic training (PiA) and 409 medical students (MS) participated in order to evaluate the construct validity and reliability of the IKG. The results of the psychometric evaluation indicate that the IKG is a multidimensional instrument.

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Bernhard G, Knibbe R, von Wolff A, Dingoyan D, Schulz H, Mösko M (2015). Development and Psychometric Evaluation of an Instrument to Assess Cross-Cultural Competence of Healthcare Professionals (CCCHP). PLOS ONE 10(12):e0144049.

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