Modul 1

One of the main focuses of the research project is a comprehensive representative study of the occurrence of mental impairment. The emphasis will be placed on the largest group of immigrants living in Germany: people with a Turkish immigration background.

Even though some studies indicate greater levels of mental impairment among immigrants of Turkish origin, no representative study has previously been performed concerning this subject in Germany.

The SeGeMi research project will collect these missing data in Hamburg and Berlin. Approximately 800 adults with a Turkish immigration background will be interviewed about their mental problems with a standardized clinical questionnaire. To increase public awareness of the study and promote readiness to participate, important cooperation partners such as immigrant associations, companies and administration offices will be informed in advance about the study and included in the planning efforts.

The collected data can provide a sophisticated insight into the mental health of people with a Turkish immigration background living in Germany. This information is vital to the provision of adequate mental health care.



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